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AGENCY: University of Illinois Extension, Whiteside County
ADDRESS: 100 East Knox Street, Morrison, IL 61270
PHONE: 815/772-4075, 815/772-2016
HOURS: 8:00 to 4:30 PM Monday-Friday
CONTACT: Sandy Shetler, Unit Leader
Janice McCoy, Family Life Educator
Robin Vargas, Youth Educator
AREA: Whiteside County
PURPOSE: To provide education for youth and adults through informal programs in home economics, agriculture related subject matter, general youth interest topics, leadership and community development.
  • Problem-solving and programs concerning:

Leadership development
Youth at-risk prevention programming
Preparing responsible youth
Renewing volunteerism
Diet, life-style, and health
Food, safety and quality
Food nutrition and preservation
Water quality
Environmental issues
Parent education
Community and special interest 4-H clubs
4-H camp
Educational bulletins and publications (available to the public)

  • Family Communication

  • Child Care provider training

  • Aging awareness

  • Caregiving education

  • Managing work & life

  • Grandparents raising grandchildren

  • Hispanic/Latino programming

  • Diversity training

  • Culture kits


  • Professional training

ELIGIBILITY: Programs open to all who are interested; some programs have specific registration requirements.

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