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AGENCY: Sigma Alpha Delta
ADDRESS: Erie High School, 435 6th Ave, Erie. IL 61250
PHONE: 309-659-2401
CONTACT: Cindy Weaver, High School Counselor
Jon Birdsall, Middle School Counselor
AREA: Erie schools and the community
PURPOSE: To organize students in combating the problem of drugs and alcohol. Students sign a contract stating they will not drink or do drugs. The organization is based on students policing each other. It is the goal that through such an organization the use of drugs and alcohol will become less of a problem.
SERVICES: The organization provides activities for high school students that are drug and alcohol free such as rec nights and the after prom party. In addition to these activities they promote drug and alcohol life style by sponsoring speakers and activities during red ribbon week. These are not only at the high school level but in the middle and elementary schools as well.
ELIGIBILITY: Students who are willing to sign and follow the contract as required and agree to district random drug testing policy.

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