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AGENCY: Early Step Preschool
ADDRESS: 1207 12th Street, Fulton, IL 61252
PHONE: Please leave phone messages - 815/589-2309 or 815/589-3511
HOURS: 8:00 AM 4:00 PM September May
FAX: 815/589-3412
CONTACT: Mrs. Carol J. Wilkens
PURPOSE: To teach and provide pre-kindergarten skills to children who may be at risk of failure.
  • Educate children who are 4 years old and live in the River Bend District
  • Teach beginning kindergarten skills
  • Provide parent education through workshops
  • Appropriate modeling through family fun nights
ELIGIBILITY: Children who are 4 years of age and screen/score below average on Dial-R and meet family criteria/social issues.
INFORMATION: Families may call 815/589-2309 all during the entire year and calls will be returned.

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