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The Office of the Regional Superintendent of Schools is designed to serve all segments of the population of Whiteside County - teachers, students, administrators, school board members, non-certified personnel, and citizenry in general - in matters relating to education. In addition to the regulatory and administrative duties required by law, the office serves as a consultant and as a coordinator for all school personnel in a variety of areas from providing information on legal matters to developing in-service programs to meet special needs; from assisting in the development of co-operative activities between local schools, business, industry, labor, service, and agricultural groups to helping secure resource personnel for specialized programs.

The office works cooperatively with the Regional Board of School Trustees in all matters related to the responsibilities of the board with the regional superintendent serving as ex-officio secretary of the Regional Board of School Trustees. The office also serves as the administrative agent for the Bi-County Special Education Cooperative, and the regional superintendent is a member of the co-op's board of control.

The office is truly a service agency dedicated to serving the people of Whiteside County, and its organizational structure is based on its administrative and program structure.

The Administrative office of the Regional Superintendent of Schools and the Regional Board of School Trustees is located at 1001 West 23rd Street, Sterling, Illinois 61081.  The office operates programs at Wallace School, located at 506 West Fourth Street, Sterling, Illinois and Riverdale School, 3505 Prophet Rd, Rock Falls, Illinois 61071.  The office has an operating budget of approximately $1,381,221 and employs 30 full and part-time individuals.

The Regional Office of Education Freedom of Information Officer is the regional superintendent. He will receive requests submitted to the office under this Act and ensure that this office responds to requests in a timely manner and issues responses under this Act.  Rules, regulations, and procedures for submitting a FIOA request can be found by clicking here.

Annual Report

The annual report highlights the programs and services offered to the citizens and schools of the county through the Regional Office of Education.

Board of Control - Regional Board of School Trustees - Advisory Board - Committee

Bi-County Board of Control - The Regional Superintendent is a member of the Bi-County Board of Control for the Bi-County Special Education Cooperative.

Regional Board of School Trustees -
he Regional Superintendent serves as the Ex-Officio Secretary of the Regional Board of School Trustees. Seven members are elected and serve a six year term.  They meet quarterly, and special meetings are held as needed.  The regional board handles detachments and annexation petitions.  Members include Jerry Norman, President (2015), Steve Gunderson (2017), Lois R. LeFevre (2015), Kyran Wagenecht (2019), Joy Tegeler (2017), Randy Buikema (2015) and Brandy Wren (2015).

Regional Office of Education Advisory Board
- The Regional Office of Education advisory board shall meet at least annually.  The board consists of at least nine members.  All members of the board shall be teacher certified and currently employed in positions requiring certification by a school district, special education cooperative, joint agreement, or regional office of education program.  The board meets for the purpose of planning and delivering professional development programs and services.

Regional Professional Development Review Committee (RPDRC) - The RPDRC is established to hear appeals form teachers who are recommended for nonrenewal of their standard, special, or master certificate(s).  The RPDRC is also responsible for appeals if an LPDC does not make a decision within the required timelines.

Budget / Program Overview

The budget program overview highlights the programs, who is served, the source of funding, and funds received in each program.  Fiscal year comparisons are also a part of this overview.

Calendar of Events

The calendar of events lists, by date, the professional development activities sponsored by the regional office as well as district information regarding in-service activities and days the schools are not in session.

Directory - Schools - Teachers - Office

The regional office keeps a directory of all public and non-public schools in the county on its webpage.  A searchable electronic version of the teacher directory provides a list of teachers and administrators who are currently employed for this school year.  The office directory is a list of employees of the regional office.

Employment Vacancies

The employment vacancies is a listing of openings in the county.  This list includes both professional listings and support staff listings for those schools who use the Applictrack, a web-based applicant tracking and recruiting software.

Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

FOIA - Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140), records in possession of public agencies may be accessed by the public upon written request.

Organizational Chart

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