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November, 2013

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Humphrey was contacted by the Florida Fish

Humphrey was contacted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission last year via email, asking him if he was interested in starting a freshwater fishing club and that $500 in grant money was available to do so.”I told them to email me back when it’s for saltwater,” Humphrey said. “This year, they opened up the grant money to everyone and asked again and I said we were absolutely interested.”Humphrey got a core group of fishing enthusiast students together, including Godwin, whose dad Tom is a local charter fishing captain.”I’ve been fishing since I was born, pretty much,” Godwin said. “I don’t know what I’d do without the water, I think I’d dry out and stop living or something.”Humphrey said the club isn’t just about getting out on the water and having a good time, although that’s certainly always part of the fishing experience.

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