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June, 2013

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She had that battle with the government

Not everyone is a 10. She had that battle with the government liquor policy a few years back. It was huge. In February, a reformist newspaper, Aseman, was shut down and its manager jailed after the publication was accused of insulting Islam. The outrage over an offending article came from conservative and religious circles powerful enough to shut the newspaper down after a one week publication run. Hardliners in parliament rail against the Rouhani administration for what they see as his “soft” approach to cultural issues, and took him to task for a visit by the European Union’s Catherine Ashton, the lead negotiator on the nuclear front..

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There are a few others who seem only to post negative

There are a few others who seem only to post negative comments about the team, and are only here posting when the team is losing. We’re not even really “losing” right now, unless you count losing 2/3. Ottawa is 3 7 0 in their last 10. “She started to get in a rhythm two or three weeks before she left for Four Nations,” Miller said. “And I understand she played very well for Team Finland, and she was good when she came back. She’s matured, so she’s starting to play at a level she should be playing at.”.

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