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September, 2011

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The edge felt with the grinding title track

The edge felt with the grinding title track is as bold an artist statement as you can make. For a man who’s never drunk or even smoked a cigarette, Morrow’s lyrics drip with an outlaw’s truth. “Johnny, Jack and Beam” offers an up tempo blueprint for his sound with its distinguished Telecaster guitar notes over a locomotivetype rhythm..

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Gear was loaded into a charter plane, a few rows of seats removed to fit the bikes. Soon we were above the Okavango; above narrow channels of water snaking between lagoons, savannah country dotted with trees. And everywhere animal trails elephant trails? Heading across the flat country, ploughing straight into channels.

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A mobile house or home gets its name

A mobile house or home gets its name from the fact that it’s normally attached to a chassis and wheels to ease its transportation from one location to another. netcheapjersey These manufactured homes come in single, double or triple wide sizes and can be much less expensive than comparable traditional or stick built homes. Less costly still are used mobile homes, including those in double wide sizes, and they’re available from many sources..

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